All about hand creams and l’occitane, the faceshop and innisfree hand cream review

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As winter is approaching, we all are busy in hunting down moisturizing products. Because it’s a rough time for our skin and hair. But somewhere between all these we keep forgetting about our hands. 

Pampering hands

You must be thinking right now “I don’t forget about my hands, i apply moisturizers 100 times a day”. Well then ask yourself, is that enough?? Aren’t your hands dry, rough and flaky. If yes then you need some extra minutes to pamper your hands.

  • Why should we take extra care of our hands?

The answer is simple and same as the reason why do we use anti aging products on our face. We apply tons of anti aging products on our face to prevent it from lines and signs of aging. The back of our hands are thin and we wash our hands many times in a day and because of these reasons the hand looses its moisture and it starts to show early signs of aging. They age faster than our face.

  • Why can’t we apply moisturizers instead of hand creams?

Every cream, moisturizers and lotions are meant for different parts of our body. Some are for our face and some are for our body. Even though all they do is provide moisture we still don’t put body lotions on our face and moisturizers and cream on our body.

Last year somewhere i read that we can apply moisturizers instead of hand creams and they will work fine. I used to believe it until i used a hand cream myself. So we shouldn’t replace our hand creams with something else.

  • What are hand creams??

Hand creams are creams that are packed with antioxidants and moisture. They absorb quickly and doesn’t leave any stickiness and keep tha hands soft and moisturized. As they are travel friendly we could use it anytime and anywhere.

How to pamper hands in winter?

First wash your hands, then exfoliate and then use a good hand cream and after that finish it off with a cuticle oil if you want.

How often should we exfoliate our hands?

Once a week is enough.

Here are some of my favourite handcreams which i use daily.


The faceshop hand creams:
  • Lovely meex mini pet hand cream 01 baby powder

Mini pet handcream

Cost: 6.36 usd for 30 ml

  • The texture of this handcream is thick and smells like Johnson’s baby powder. It takes some time to absorb but once it is absorbed it leaves no stickiness. It provides instant moisture to our hands making them soft and supple plus it looks cute. The only drawback is that it comes in tub and that’s not hygienic.
  • Daily perfume hand cream 05 green tea

Green tea handcream

Cost: 6 usd for 30ml

This hand cream is my favourite of all the handcreams. The texture is gel like and it has very mild smell. Absorbs very quickly. And provides lots of moisture to hand. Comes in tube so it’s really convenient to carry around.

  • Daily perfume hand cream 06 cherry blossom

Cherry blossom handcream

This hand cream comes in the same range as green tea one but this one has creamy texture. It comes with the goodness of cherry blossom. I picked it out because of its name. Because of it’s creamy texture it takes a little more time to absorb than the green tea one.

  • Daily perfume hand cream 10 snow cotton

Snow cotton handcream

This hand cream smells the best and it’s consistency is also thicker than the other two. Even though it’s thick it still absorbs really quickly.

  •  Innisfree hand creams:
  • Mini bamboo handcream

Mini bamboo handcream

Cost: 4.50 usd for 30ml

The texture of this hand cream is somewhere between a cream and gel. It’s light weight and absorbs really quickly as if it wasn’t there. It has a very light scent.

  • Peach hand cream

Peach hand cream

Everything is same as the mini bamboo hand cream but i really can’t stand its scent. It’s too hard for me. Eventhough it disappears after sometime i still don’t like it.

  • L’occitane hand cream:

l'occitane hand cream

Cost: 12 usd to 29 usd depending upon it’s size

L’occitane is a french brand. I recieved 10ml sample from Nykaa. This one is for dry skin and i really liked this handcream but it does not smell good to me. It was moisturizing and perfect for winters. I would definitely buy a full size hand cream but with another scent.

[Disclaimer: The products mentioned here is purchased by me and the review is totally based on my own experience]

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