Innisfree green tea mineral mist- Review

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Today’s review is about Innisfree green tea mineral mist. Innisfree is one of my favourite korean brands. This brand uses natural ingredients from Jeju island in their products and their products are eco-friendly. They are not just affordable but the products are high quality too.

Innisfree green tea mineral mist is one of their products from green tea line. I bought this product in a hurry, i was looking for a makeup setting mist but i didn’t had much time. So i ended up buying this and I’m really glad i picked this product.

Innisfree green tea mineral mist

Cost: 6.97 usd for 50ml and 13.96 usd for 150ml.

On the official site of innisfree, it says:

Green tea mineral mist

A facial mist with fresh moisture from organic Jeju green squeeze that instantly moisturizes the skin.


1. Jeju green tea squeeze that is sourced from fresh organic green tea is rich in amino acid and minerals. It fills the skin with moisture and forms a moisture barrier to help the skin retain moisture.

2. It is a facial mist that instantly provides moisture and soothes skin that has been overly exposed to sunlight.


PL05 PL0512 - Innisfree green tea mineral mist- ReviewThe story behind our fresh Jeju green tea squeeze

1. Harvest
Harvest organic Jeju green tea leaves.

2. Steam
Steam fresh tea leaves for 30 seconds within one hour after harvesting to help retain nutrition.

3. Squeeze
Squeeze moist green tea leaves to obtain fresh green tea extract.

4. Extract
Stabilize green tea extract to prevent spoilage and use pure water to obtain extract applicable for the skin.

You can see full ingredients list here


Whenever your skin feels dry, spray onto face with your eyes closed. It can be applied before and after makeup.


1. Do not use on areas with wounds, eczema, and dermatitis. 2. Stop using the product if the following problems arise while using the product as continued use could worsen the symptoms. Consult with a dermatologist, 1) If red spots, swelling, itchiness, and irritation occur. 2) If the above problems occur on the applied area on the skin from direct sunlight. 3. Storage and handling precautions 1) Close the lid after use. 2) Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed, consult with a doctor immediately. 3) Do not store in places with overly high or low temperature and keep away from direct sunlight. 4. Please comply with the following precautions as the product is a flammable product using high-pressure gases and thus could be dangerous. 1) Do not use in the direction of flames. 2) Do not use near fire, such as a heater and a portable cooking stove. 3) Do not use indoors where fire is being used. 4) Do not store in a place at 40°C or higher. 5) After using in a sealed room, ventilate the room. 6) Do not throw away in fire. 7) Dispose of remaining gas before throwing away the product. 8) Do not store in a sealed place. 9) Do not use continuously on a specific area for a long time. 10) Use the product at least 20cm away from the body if possible. 11) Do not spray the product on the skin around the eyes and mucous membranes. 12) Be careful not to inhale sprayed gases directly.

Comes in a white, eco-friendly spray bottle. It is available in two sizes 50ml and 150 ml. The one I’m using is 150ml.

Innisfree green tea mineral mist
I sprayed the mist very closely on my hand. So keep atleast 20cm distance between your face and the mist and then spray.
The mist smells very refreshing. It is very hydrating and soothes irritated skin. I heard some rumours that this mist comes out with milky drops sometimes and it does not look good. Well shake it before using. I’ve never faced any problem like that.
I use this mist to refresh or touch up my makeup and this works really well.
 My final thoughts:


  • Can be used before and after makeup
  • Smells good
  • Affordable
  • Since it has only natural ingredients so it won’t irritate acne prone or sensitive skin
  • Feels refreshing



Will i repurchase it again:

Yes, it helps in soothing my skin as well as moisturizing it. And it gives a dewy finish to my skin. There’s no reason for me for not buying it.

[Disclaimer: The product mentioned here is purchased by me and the review is totally based on my own experience]

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